15/02/18 City of Barcelona Prize 2017. awarded project

Harquitectes receive the ‘City of Barcelona Prize 2017’ in the category of Architecture and Urbanism for the rehabilitation of the building ‘Lleialtat Santsenca’.

12/01/18 AV Monographs nº202 Harquitectes

The new magazine ‘AV Monographs nº202 Harquitectes’ includes 12 works with introducing writings by Luis Fernández-Galiano, Ignacio Paricio & Cristina Pardal and Iñaki Ábalos.

15/11/17 MAPEI Prize. Awarded project

The Civic Centre ‘Cristalleries Planell’ 1015 has been awarded with the MAPEI Prize to Sustainable Building 2017.

23/05/17 BB Construmat 2017. Awarded Project

The Civic Centre ‘Cristalleries Planell’ 1015 has been awarded at BB Construmat 2017, under the ‘Architecture’ built project category.

17/01/17 2G nº74 Harquitectes

The new magazine ‘2G nº74 Harquitectes’ includes 15 works and writings by Ilka & Andreas Ruby, Javier García-Germán,  Harquitectes and an interview by Felipe de Ferrari and Diego Grass.